August 15

Back Online

I just love computers, especially when things don’t work right. That’s sarcasm, for those who didn’t notice.

The SSL certificate on this website was about to expire. I vaguely know what an SSL does, but I do know that I need one. So I renewed it. My order confirmation said it might take a few days to show up, so I didn’t think much more about it.

Then my site stopped working. The hosting service said the SSL could take a week or two to become effective. So I waited.

Three weeks later, it still wasn’t working. So I got on my host’s website, looked in the security options, and tried to fix the SSL. I couldn’t figure it out.

Hours later, I contacted tech support. I managed to contain my frustration. A pleasant young man gave me two links that he said would guide me through the process. I thanked him and terminated the chat.

Hours later, I still hadn’t figured it out. The links told me how to download the certificate to my laptop, but that didn’t help me. So I contacted them again. This time they transferred me to a specialist– who pointed me to a link that was not under security. I clicked the button, and the whole situation was fixed in 30 seconds.

My point is, I’m only tech-savvy enough to be dangerous when it comes to stuff like this. And after 3 weeks of my site being inaccessible, it’s back. I hope you enjoy!

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