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The Soul of an Addict: Unlocking the Complex Nature of Addiction
Nonfiction, 208 pages
Formats: Paperback, Kindle

Addiction is more complex than we might expect. This book explores the complex factors that make recovery so difficult to attain. Written for all who have an interest in addiction, including pastors, counselors, and especially those whose loved ones suffer.

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Books by D.J. Mitchell

All Amazon links are to Kindle versions. Paperback is also available (pricing differs).

Ordinary World
Paperback, Kindle, Audio

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Benji’s Portal
Paperback, Kindle
Madarach’s Secret
(Sequel to Benji’s Portal)
Paperback, Kindle

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Steve’s Grace
Paperback, Kindle
This Thing of Darkness
Paperback, Kindle
Shadow of a Dream
(Sequel to
This Thing of Darkness)
Paperback, Kindle
Domino Theory
Paperback, Kindle

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The Mythics
Paperback, Kindle
The Soul of an Addict
Paperback, Kindle

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Other Books I Recommend

These are paperback editions unless otherwise noted.


Peace in the Paroxysm
Joshua Pettit

Josh takes fabulous photos.
He combines them with poetry
and musings in this
beautiful work.
God’s Country
Joshua Pettit

More beautiful photos of the southern Utah desert.
Animal, Vegetable, Miracle
by Barbara Kingsolver
Paperback, Kindle, Audio
The Politics of Jesus
by John Howard Yoder
Paperback Only
Creating a World
That Works for All
by Sharif Abdullah
Paperback, Kindle
Brave New War
by John Robb
(Paperback or Kindle)

Other Useful Items

Awesome Rice Cooker

I list this because I bought one– and I love it!
Priced right and great quality.
Purchased in 2017, it’s still going strong.

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