August 27

Domino Theory

Title: Domino Theory
Author: D.J. Mitchell
Genre: Mystery, Hard Boiled
Pages: 249

A gritty mystery introducing amateur detective Danny McCabe.

What if you woke up next to a dead man… and you didn’t know if you killed him?

Danny McCabe comes to in a car parked in the desert. In the passenger seat is a dead man, shot in the temple. Danny’s been in a blackout for days, but he’s sure he didn’t murder anyone. Or did he?

More dealers die, and evidence at the scene points to Danny. Now he knows he’s being framed. He turns for help to Alicia, who has been clean for two years. She and two sober friends try to help Danny stay clean, and to figure out the conspiracy that threatens his life.

But staying clean isn’t easy, and Danny’s frequent relapses won’t help him stay alive. As the body count rises, he begins to wonder why Alicia is so nice to him. Women are never nice to guys like Danny. Could she be part of the conspiracy?

With no one left to trust, Danny must identify the conspirators on his own. And his worst enemy just might be his own mind.

A heart-pounding mystery with an intimate view of the strange and crazy world of addiction.

“The prose is crisp, the plot is well-tuned, and the portrait of a drug addict from inside his own head is shockingly real.” –Nancy Heisey, Eastern Mennonite University

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