March 27

Domino Theory is now available on Amazon!

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Danny McCabe comes to sitting in a car parked in the desert. The man in the passenger seat is someone Danny doesn’t know – and he’s dead. Danny has no recollection of the previous three days. He knows he has a problem with alcohol and drugs, but he’s not a bad guy. He’s pretty sure he’s not a murderer. Soon, Danny learns that the dead man was a drug dealer. Now he has the police and two hit men chasing him. He’ll need to keep his wits if he hopes to survive. More dealers die, and evidence at the scene points to Danny. Now he knows he’s been framed. He turns for help to Alicia, who has been clean for two years. She and two sober friends try to help Danny stay clean, and to figure out the conspiracy that threatens his life. But staying clean isn’t easy, and Danny’s frequent relapses won’t help him stay alive. As the body count rises, he begins to wonder why Alicia is so nice to him. Women are never nice to guys like Danny. Could she be part of the conspiracy? With no one left to trust, Danny must identify the conspirators on his own. And his worst enemy just might be his own mind.

Domino Theory is now available on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle editions.  I’ll have copies next week for anyone who wants a signed copy.

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