January 13

God on Love

This Word was given to me:

Oh, my people! I gave you one commandment – one! – and you did not follow it. “Love.” That is all. Where is the love in your hearts? The sheep say, “We should love,” but they love only other sheep. The goats say, “Look! We have appointed these to love for us,” and they do not love.

This I told you: The Lord is one, the Lord is our God, the Lord alone. You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your might. Keep these words that I am commanding you in your heart. Teach them to your children, that they may never forget. But you did not love, and you did not remember. When Pharaoh sent his armies against my people, the finest chariots could not stand before me. The wealth of the world is but food for locusts. Still you put your faith in strength and wealth, and not in me.

Cursed be your leaders who lie and plot in secret, who reward the wealthy while the poor suffer. Cursed be those who make war against enemies they created, and who cause your young men to trample on those made in my image. And now this arrogant little horn—I name him Agnoeo, for he does not know me. Did I not warn you?

The voices of my prophets you ignore. My words you quote to justify your pride. You point to me with one hand while with the other you accuse your neighbor. You praise me with your mouth, and with that same mouth you say vile things about your family. Do I not hear each of you blaming your brothers and sisters? “He did this.” “She did that.” Selfish children! You are siblings, make peace with one another! Do you hold your hand out in love for your brother who disagrees with you? Do not dare to lie to me, for I know the answer.

Look at your hearts! You build yourselves up, like a tower to the heavens. Humility is not in you. Therefore, says the Lord, like petulant children, I will chastise you until you listen and obey. A child who responds quickly receives little correction, but a stubborn child must face consequences. I called you, says the Lord, but you did not come. When the word fails, will not any father turn to the rod?

In that day, you will ask, “What does God want?” but I will not answer, for it has not changed. Then you will blame the sinners and the outcasts and the unbelievers among you. But this I tell you: My discipline comes not because of the unrighteous, but because of those who claim to be righteous.

When those who worship me with their mouths worship also with their hearts and hands and feet, and when you hold out your hand in love to those you hate and welcome those you despise, and when you see my image in very person, as I created them, only then will you have learned.

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