July 13

Praise for Steve’s Grace

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Steve’s Grace has received its first two reviews on Amazon.  Both are 5-star.

One reader writes:

This is the story of a flawed character in a flawed world, trying to come to terms with the depth of his own failures. It is the story of one man’s search for redemption. Does he find it? We’ll leave that for you to decide…

This is a good read. It’s engaging, well-paced, and incredibly thought-provoking. Some books entertain and then fade away; some books stick with you long afterwards and make you think. This is one of the latter. Are there parts that made me uncomfortable? Yes. Were there situations and decisions that made me cringe? Absolutely!

Could I put it down? Nope.

Another says:

I couldn’t put this down. A very inspiring story. It really made me do some soul searching. I highly recommend reading this book!

Thank you both for your praise, and for taking the time to post a review!

Steve’s Grace is free on Kindle through Friday

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